When A Death Occurs


CALL Northville Funeral Service Inc. (518) 863-4744 or (518) 863-4646 day or night

Bill and Brian are experienced in helping families make the necessary arrangements regardless of where the death has occurred. We will handle all the arrangements properly and advise you in the best way of having the deceased returned in a suitable manner to the Northville area. Due to the costs involved in other areas, the most efficient way for you, will be to call us first to handle everything.

If you find yourself….

…In Another Community

When death occurs, the family should contact our funeral home before arranging any type of final disposition services, particularly if you wish to transfer the deceased to the Northville area.

…Outside the United States

If a person dies while traveling outside the United States , you will need to notify the U.S. Embassy in the country where the death occurred (though officials in the foreign country may notify the embassy for you). Please contact us here at the Northville Funeral Service Inc. and we will make sure that the necessary procedures are taken care of and we will work with the embassy to get your loved one back to the United States.

… When Traveling

Contact Northville Funeral Service Inc. and notify us of the death so we can help make arrangements through a local funeral home to transfer the remains to our facility. If the coroner or medical examiner is involved, they can also help coordinate arrangements with our funeral home for the preparation and return of your loved one to the Northville area.

Documents Required

Regardless of where the death occurs, it is helpful to have the following information ready. Officials in the locality of the death will need some of this information for the death certificate, and we will need this information in order to make the necessary arrangements for the preparation and transit the deceased.

  • Date and place of birth (city and state)
  • Social security number
  • Veteran status
  • Educational level
  • Parents' names including mother's maiden name
  • Place of burial/cremation
  • Usual occupation

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